The Bare Essentials for the Nursery & You

The Bare Essentials for the Nursery & You

Preparing the nursery for your baby’s arrival is a joyful experience. From planning a theme, getting the furniture to assembling it (the assembling is a bit tricky), finding the bedding and clothing to everything in between, you do it with all your heart. You want it all done perfectly before the newborn’s arrival. It’s natural to want all sorts of toys and stuffed bunnies but that can wait. At Mamas & Papas, there’s everything from the bare essentials to toys and nursery décor and in baby colours such as blues, pinks, whites and greys, the colour that’s been trending for quite some years now. Take a look below to unveil the bare essentials you should buy for your baby

The Cot & the Whole Kit – You know the cot, is all-important but besides that, we need a cot bed mattress, fitted sheets, quilts and blankets. It’s a good idea to start with three to five pairs of sheets and two to three quilts and blankets because you will want to change sheets regularly and there will be days when you won’t have time to do the laundry. So, try to get extras to be on the safe side. If you haven’t got the cot then check out the Lua Bedside Crib especially if you want to keep the baby in your room and this one comes with a comfy mattress so you won’t have to bother about buying a separate mattress for a while. Visit the virtual store and see what you can shop from there and if you do then redeem the Amazon promo code at the checkout as it will let you enjoy big discounts on those pretty little things.

Newborn Clothing – Babies sleep most of the day so you need plenty of relaxed clothing such as pyjama sets, cotton sleepsuits and let’s say a few sets of fancy clothes for dressing up your little precious whether you are going out or have company at home. Buying in packs will save you money. Some cool options include 3 pack Girls Dino Sleepsuits, 3 Pack Space Sleepsuits among others. For special occasions, a pink broderie frill blouse and waistcoat, shirt and Bow Tie 3 Piece Set can work well for your baby girl or baby boy.

Storage – You are thinking you might keep your little one’s clothing in a section in your wardrobe as it’s not going to occupy much space. Think again, even if suppose you are planning to keep the baby cot in your bedroom initially, you need separate storage, no fancy cupboard, three large baskets or boxes would do, one for the baby’s clothing, one for keeping changing materials and the other for cot bed sheets and quilts. But if you have the space for a wardrobe then Mia Wardrobe in pure white is a perfect long term storage solution.

Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow – New mothers as well as experienced mothers ignore their comforts and don’t give themselves a priority. You can remind yourself that if you are less tired, and mothers do get tired and that’s all very natural as they have to be there for their little bundle of joy 24/7 feeding, changing, monitoring the baby’s health, throw in sleepless nights, doctor’s appointments and the list goes on. That pillow is going to support your neck muscles while you are nursing your baby and help you feel comfortable and a little less tired so get one for yourself so you can take care of your angel even better.